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Christianity is for Losers

Posted by thethousandmarch on May 27, 2012 at 2:35 PM

As I said a few posts ago, Christianity is offensive. However if you are offended by Christianity why be concerned? Christianity is for losers. It is understandable that people are offended by the message of Jesus – the religious people of his day certainly were – but why should anyone really care about what Jesus said if they conclude that he was a fool? I myself feel a little uncomfortable when a raving fundamentalist approaches me on the street, or knocks on my door, but I’m not offended by mentally ill people.

So, if you feel that you are a good person, living a good and moral life, why should you care what Christians think? If you believe you are spiritually and emotionally healthy; you’re not burdened down with shame or guilt; you are whole and don’t need redemption, you are a friend of God and have no need for a mediator for reconciliation; you are not lost needing to be found, not dying needing to be saved; especially if you don’t believe in God – why care one bit about what Jesus or his followers say?

You see, Christians think they are sick. They believe they are infected with sin, they are guilty, their acts are shameful, they are deserving of death; they are broken and need fixing; they are enemies of God in need of reconciliation; they are lost; they are failures. Really, they admit that they are losers. And, worst of all they are in no way capable of pleasing God through any good and moral action. They are incapable of being virtuous or good – their hearts are desperately wicked and nothing they can do can appease God’s wrath. What a miserable group of people. Should they not be pitied? Perhaps these poor backwards people should be treated the same way enlightened people would treat a prehistoric tribe found in the jungles of South America. Certainly there is no reason to get upset at such a pathetic group of people who obviously think so little of themselves.

However, if you do believe in a perfect and just God and you are a little bit worried that perhaps you don’t quite live up to his standard of goodness; If you think that maybe you aren’t exactly who God created you to be and maybe God isn’t as pleased with you as you’d like to hope he is; If maybe you’re not quite the winner you’d like to be – then maybe there is something to the message of Jesus. Perhaps we can hope that God is loving – so loving that he would come to this earth to free us from sin, save us from death and restore us to very goodness so that we may know him and live with him forever.

This is the deal with Christians- we acknowledge at least in part our failures, our shortcomings, our sin, our hypocrisy, our need. We believe that through the mediating work of Jesus our sins are washed away; our guilt and shame is removed; we are reconciled with God; we are credited with the goodness of winners. But it is because of Christ’s work, not ours.

If you are being crushed by your failings then nothing is more freeing than the good news of Jesus. If you feel you are doing just fine on your own than why care what Jesus, or his followers think?

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