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Church Planting Part Two

Posted by thethousandmarch on March 10, 2008 at 2:22 PM

          Here's what's happened so far in our church planting adventure. Not much. But I've come to realize a couple of things. One, we need to meet some people. Church is community, so we need to find some people to be in community with.
    Our purpose in planting a church is not to make our 'perfect' church. We want to offer healthy, loving community to people who are not being integrated into any of the existing churches in our area. The churches that already exist are great for the people who find Jesus in them. But, we want to help communicate Jesus in a way that makes sense to those people who are hostile, or just plain ambivalent towards his Church. We want to help build a community for those people who are left out - and we're not blaming anyone.    
    We want to make a community for as many of these people as we can. But, we don't want it to be built around us, dependent on us. We don't want it to be just our vision, just our ideas, just our church. So, we need to meet some other people who can take part in building a community with us.
    One issue we've been thinking about is, who are we trying to reach out to? Where do we live; where do we hang out? I received some very good advice from one particular man. He said Jessi and I should reach out to those we feel drawn to. There will always be people in need, so I suppose we must love the people that we love. I don't think that's the same as, 'stay in your comfort zone'. Sometimes it's whoever asks; Jesus was sent to the Jews, but even the Gentiles got some crumbs.
    I don't really care how much money people have - or don't have - or what age people are. I have a real hard time expressing who I do feel drawn to. In the past I've used the word postmodern, but it's always for the lack of a better word. The word has very little practical meaning. Furthermore, though I know what I mean when I use the word, my concern for others has never really been limited to such people. The people I'd like to make a community with are people who are don't want to fit into the mainstream. People who, for one reason or another, the talented and gifted people have damaged and who find comfort amongst the peculiar people.
    Jessi says she feels called to people who are cynical about Christianity because of a previous experience, specifically run-ins with people who misrepresent Jesus. She wants an opportunity to be a good representation.

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