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I started out with one basic question; what is a church? I was lead into uncertainty.  I wanted to know what defines a church, so that, as my wife and I participate in emerging expressions of the Church – as we seek to re-imagine the forms and methods of church for new generations, cultures, and subcultures – we do not lose the essence of church. In other words, as we seek to translate church, we want to be able to distinguish between meaning and forms, which carried meaning in a previous context. We do not seek to re-interpret church, but rather to re-form it.

Therefore, I set out to document my church experience so far. I’ve put together a film that I hope will be helpful to others. It’s purpose is threefold:  to help those in the conventional church understand the emerging church, to help those in the emerging church understand where they have come from, and to help inspire and revitalize those who want to be actively involved in the mission of God, but are not quite sure how to go about it. I hope this documentary will accomplish these goals. That's what my experience has done for me.

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An extended audio version of each interview is available on the audio interviews page. I had to cut a lot of good information out, so they are well worth a listen. I've also provided links to websites of those involved in the documentary.  

If you find this documentary helpful, please consider making a contribution on the donate page; whatever you feel is fair.

Here's the Full Length Version 


I have split the documentary up into chapters and uploaded them on youtube. To watch them:  CLICK HERE

BONUS: Here's a snippit of the Church Jessi and were involved with in Portland, OR.