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Crater Mountain (I think)


My brother-in-law and I went on a hike July 2nd of this year (’11) near Mt. McLaughlin. We were trying to make it to the Mountain Lakes Wilderness Loop Trail and we wanted to see some of the mountain lakes in the area. We started at the Clover Creek trailhead, which winds its way along the Clover Creek; a nice hike. However, we soon lost the trail because of all the snow that was still on the ground. We tried to stay near the trail, but instead ended up climbing Crater Mountain, which wasn’t that difficult of a climb, but had an amazing view. On our way back down we came across some mostly iced covered “lakes”. I plan to return to this area to do more hiking – this time to make it around the loop and climb Aspen Butte which is at the center of the loop.

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