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Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park and Stout Grove


Jedediah Smith is a great place to camp, swim and hike in the redwoods. I remember when I was a little boy watching a river otter swim up the river as I sat at my campsite eating dinner.

Stout Grove, which is just across the river from Jedediah Smith is the best place for seeing redwoods I’ve ever seen. However, the bridge across the river is only up in summer, so in spring and fall you have to take county road 427, (which is a few miles east of Jedediah Smith) to Douglas Park Dr., to Howland Hill Rd. which will take you all the way to Crescent City if you follow it – which I highly recommend. This is a great drive through the redwoods. So go to Jedediah Smith, camp, go for a swim, then drive back up to the turn off for Howland Hills Rd. and take that all the way to Crescent City. 

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