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"Churched" Links
Other Links


Small Boat Big Sea: an interesting church in Australia.

On Being: an incredible radio show that everyone should check out.

y la bamba: one of the greatest unsigned musicians - y la bamba on Facebook

Belief Net: an interesting site which discusses multiple faiths. Check out the belief-o-matic. 

White Horse Inn: I've been listening to their podcast all year, and it has been very influential upon my own thought.

Internet Monk: another great podcast and blog. 

Boar's Head Tavern: A group blog from the guy who brought you Internet Monk. 

Econ Talk: this may seem a bit out of place on my website, but I really enjoy this site and their podcast. I think we'd all be better off if more ministers had some education in economics - and I don't mean finance, or business.  

Open Source Theology: "collaborative theology for the emerging church." 

More to Come