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 A Local's Guide to Southern Oregon


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I've never really explored my home area of Southern Oregon – not the way I explore a new place when I travel. I guess I figured I'm from here, I know what there is to do and see. If anything was worth doing, I'd know about it. I know some special spots, and have seen the major attractions like Crater Lake, The Oregon Caves, the coast. In the past I have had no compulsion to find out what I might be missing. That attitude was wrong.


I've got a friend, Ian, who grew up in Portland, but has lived in Medford for the last couple years and wants to get the full Southern Oregon experience. I promised him we'd do some stuff last summer, but I was preoccupied with remodeling my house most of the summer and he bailed on the chance to climb Mt. McLaughlin. So, we really didn't do anything. This summer was different. I got all my necessary Saturday gardening done and was bound and determined to show Ian the sights and discover something new myself. We called our adventures Summer Seize 2010. We did some pretty great stuff – and have plenty of adventures planned for the future.


I'd love to be a travel writer. So, I'm going to start with writing about my home; what to do and see in Southern Oregon (and some bits of Northern California). I'll give reviews, tips and directions. Hope you enjoy, and I hope you are encouraged to explore your own home.


It’s been over a year since my last Summer Seize entry – I continued to Seize the Summer of ’10 and did plenty of seizing of ’11 as well. And, I’ve established for myself a general all around habit of seizing life here in the Rogue Valley. I just haven’t taken the time to write about it. I’ve got to catch up, but I can’t put as much time into each review as I did the first few. So, if I find something really special that no one else is talking about I’ll give it the full treatment; if it’s something you can find all the general information you’ll need with a quick Google I’ll just give my impressions of the site and any tips I have. And, of course I’ll post pictures.