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Port Orford, Oregon


A small, out of the way, but great coastal town. We stayed at the Sea Crest Motel, which was nothing special, but was clean, cheap and had a great view. We ate at the Crazy Norwegian for dinner which was very nice, and the Paradise Café for breakfast which was superb.

  Things to do in Port Orford: There are a couple of great big beaches.

Battle Rock, which can be climbed, is on the beach at the south end of town.

Port Orford Heads State Park has many paths to hike which lead to a plethora of ocean views. We saw seals sunning themselves on a rock from one point. There is also some interesting Coast Guard stuff (an old ship, a museum) there.

Cape Blanco is the furthest most western point in the lower 48. There’s a campsite there which we plan on camping at in the very near future. There’s a lighthouse, which we only got to see at a distance, because it’s closed on Mondays.

There is also Humbug Mt. State Park, which has camping and a mountain right on the beach to climb, but we didn’t go there.

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