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Rainie Falls on the Rogue River


We hiked along the southern bank (the shady side) starting near Graves Greek – the best view of the falls is on the southern bank. (The trail on the northern bank is the one that goes all the way to the coast; as well as historical Whiskey Creek Cabin which is near Rainie Falls).The hike is four miles roundtrip and is a moderate to difficult hike. I wouldn’t bring young kids on it, because throughout most of the hike you are near cliffs. My friend and I brought our kids, but they spent the whole time in their carriers. I was told by a guide that if you continue down the river about a half mile, even though the path is pretty much non-existent that, there is a small creek, which if followed a little ways leads to a cabin. We did not have time to check this out, and it was also too rough a road to try and make it while carrying our kids.

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