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Sterling Mine Trail System


This is out near where I grew up; I can’t believe I never checked it out before. I went on one hike up there this summer. I went up the tunnel ridge trail, this leads to the Sterling ditch which you can follow for miles. It’s very pretty out there, but very dry and hot in the summer. I plan to do more hiking out there this fall, winter and spring. Tip: When you get to the top of the tunnel ridge trail and you’re wondering where the tunnel is, you’re standing on it. If you go either way from where the tunnel ridge trail ends and head along the ditch trail you will very quickly find the tunnel. The entrance to the tunnel on the west end is bigger and easy to enter. This tunnel and the rest of the ditch were dug through the rock about 150 years ago to bring water over to Sterling Creek for mining. You can easily drive a ways up Little Applegate Rd past these trails; the dirt road is well maintained. It’s a nice drive and runs along close to the Little Applegate River – at one point right next to the river. Be sure not to accidently jump someone’s claim.

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