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Waterfalls Near Prospect


Mill Creek Falls, Barr Creek Falls, Avenue of Giant Boulders, and Pearsony Falls near Prospect.

A great day trip or a good pit stop on the way to Crater Lake. You can park in one spot and see all of this if you want.

Mill Creek Falls and Barr Creek Falls are both impressive waterfalls around 200 feet tall. You view these from the opposite side of the canyon, then hike down to the river and the Avenue of Giant Boulders which is well worth the effort.

If you’re not as spry as you used to be, or in a hurry you can see the Avenue of Giant Boulders from a Mill Creek Bridge on Mill Creek Drive which passes above them.

Pearsony Falls can be reached from the same parking lot as the other falls, or go up towards Prospect and there’s another parking lot which is closer. Pearsony Falls is a nice hike to a small waterfall, but if you’re in a hurry or your pregnant wife and child are tired, skip it.

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